Four Hearing Voices Fact Sheets have been produced, both in Welsh and in English. Their main contents are currently displayed on the tentative web site we are constructing. We asked permission to plagiarise much of the style and content of Dundee group in order to get the site up and running and show consistency with other support networks in the UK.
Claire Fouly, associated with MIND Cymru, was able to distribute copies of the leaflets to all branches of MIND in the principality some weeks ago.

Angela Jones is included in this mailing following her interest in a HVN Cymru training session in Bridgend recently. Associated with MIND Matters, she can be contacted at
63, Nolton Street, Bridgend, South Wales.
Tel. 01656-646826.

Some time ago BBC Radio broadcast a play depicting the experience of a voice hearer (cleverly using the Stereo Channels) and including comments from actual voice hearers also. A phone in program also accompanied the broadcast. It has been suggested that we approach the BBC for a repeat broadcast, or the possibility of a copy of the tape for training-educational purposes.

A list of names, addresses and telephone numbers exists for those having attended the HVN Cymru MIND Conference 2002. The list is currently with Karl.

Spring 2004, AGM Hearing Voices Cymru, possibly in North Wales. How about a big splash across Wales in newspapers, at the Assembly, on HTV, etc? One possible venue that Karl could arrange for free would be the Abbey Road Centre, Bangor, only seconds away from the railway station. However, Llandudno MIND would also do, etc. Who would we like to invite to talk at this AGM along with Mike?
According to Hywel a further £250 donation to HVN Cymru is pending for the new year.

Notes Karl Krysko. Jan 2004.

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