Welcome to the original BANGOREYE:

A term of endearment made to residents of Bangor in North Wales as opposed to 'Holyhead Yeh' or' Caernarfon cont', I guess you'll know what I mean or you won't...

Webcams are fairly up to date, and as you can see it rains most of the time..

Anna Cosslett has a new entry on the site with AKOZ. a selection of Anna's art works is on display.

The Mark Buxton pages are worthy of a second look.

Body and voice with Esyllt Harker is still there just, but Esyllt is currently putting more time into TRANSITION TOWNS , Google that if you dare.

Just to add that BangBangor Music festival is happening 28th to 31 Oct 2009 go to their web site..


Ynys Wen

Dave and the Sheep


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