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Hearing Voices : An Information Pack (1998)

This Information Pack contains printed material related directly or indirectly to the phenomenon of voice hearing, Issued by the Pemrokeshire Hearing Voices Group with financial support from the National Lottery Charities Board Wales in 1998. This pioneering Information Pack is informative, balanced and educational. The A4 bilingual 100 page + pack consists of an introdustion to the Issue of Hearing Voices, articles from the General UK press, articles from Specialist UK press, Mental Health Factfile, helpful contacts, furthur reading, Voice Hearing Tips, cartoons and conclusion and feedback.

Price £12

Mental Health Factfile (1999)

Available in either English or Welsh, this 'Mental Factfile' was issued by Pembrokeshire Hearing Voices Group in 1999. The 32 page booklet is an acclaimed 'rough guide' to Mental Health issues. It consuists of:

Mental Health : 20 facts

Mental Health and Violence : 13 facts

Schizophrenia : 35 facts

Psychiatry in the age of reason (1750-1995) : 10 facts

Suicide and self harm - The Mental Health Foundation,

Mental Health Facts : Mediawatch

Good Company

(a list of scientists, philosophers, polititians, writers, artists, musicians, composers, poets, and public figures past and present who had, have had or have emotional health difficulties)

Recommended Mental Health Publications

UK Mental Health Organisations

Price - £2

Hearing and belonging : The Newssletter Pack 2000

Between April 1998 and March 2000 the Pembrokeshire Hearing Voices Group produced a monthly newsletter that was distributed to a limited readership in Pembrokeshire and beyond. The Newsletter was originally entitled 'Pembrokeshire Hearing Voices Newsletter' although the newsletter was renamed 'Hearing and belonging'. The 'Hearing and Belonging : Newsletter Pack 2000' contains all copies of those monthly newsletters. The 200 page A4 Newsletter Pack contains articles, tips, news, poetry, comments, letters, posters and pertinent quotes. The Pack is intended for voice hearers, carers, mental health workers, General Practitioners (GP's) and those with an interest in Voice Hearing from one perspective or another.

Price: £12

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'Hearing Voices: An Information Pack'-(£12)

'Mental Health Factfile'-(£2)

'Hearing and Belonging : The Newsletter Pack 2000' - (£12)

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