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Helping you to understand

Voice Hearers are the experts by experience


Aims of the Hearing Voices Network - Cymru

To gather information about voices in order to help understand more about what the experience means.

To develop ways to help people cope successfully with their voices.

Raising awareness in society, amongst professionals and cares, what it means to hear voices, and the effect the experience has on the voice hearer.

To bring voice hearers together to share experiences and ways of coping with their voices in a confidential environment.


Any Questions?

Who are we?

Hearing voices Network - Cymru is dedicated to supporting people who hear voices. We offer self-help groups where people who hear voices can talk openly about their voices with each other in a safe and understanding environment. This gives them an opportunity to share strategies for coping with their voices.

What are voices?

Psychiatry calls the experience of hearing voices auditory hallucinations.

A person who hears voices is often diagnosed as having a mental illness. However, there are many people living in the community who hear voices, but have never been in contact with the mental health services.

This is because these people are mentally well and coping with their voices.

What causes voices?

There are many explanations for the causes od voices, none of which are disregarded by the Hearing Voices Network - Cymru. The truth is, nobody knows for sure. However, studies have shown that many people start to hear voices following extreme stress or after a traumatic experience.

How can we help?

If you hear voices and you are interested in meeting other people who hear voices, or if you are interested in finding out more about our organization. Contact:

Hearing Voices Network Cymru, c/o West Wales Action for Mental Health, Brighton Chambers, 124 Main Street, Pembroke, Pembrokshire. SA71 4HN

Tel: 01646 684515


Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is a matter of good practice. Everyone approaching Cymru Hearing Voices Network can expect confidentiality.

No information will be divulged without prior knowledge of the person concerned. All information given by individuals within the group is treated in strictest confidence.

Cymru Hearing Voices Network will not keep files on its members.